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Wheel of the Year by Schweetie
Wheel of the Year
I still haven't decided if this is done or now. I spent way too much time on it for how basic it is. I just really wanted to make my own wheel of the year. This is what came to mind.
I couldn't scan this because it's too big, so please accept this craptastic photo.

art (c) Tab Moore
older Mave by Schweetie
older Mave
Another old picture I found in a pile of unfinished drawings. This is an older Mave, about 20 years old, and her faithful cat, Dagda. Just a random scene of the two together.
I never bothered to finished this, obviously. This is loaded with anatomy inaccuracies (especially on Dagda), but I still like it.

Mave and Dagda (c) Tab Moore
Bedhead Schweetie by Schweetie
Bedhead Schweetie
Drew this a long while ago and never bothered submitting it. Then it got wet and I just never finished it. But I still kinda like it. Please try to ignore my shit-tastic attempt to clean this up. Just enjoy the cranky little Schweetie in her chonies. Schweetie is not a morning ruler. LOL.

Schweetie (c) Tab Moore
InuYasha2014 by Schweetie
Old picture I doodled of InuYasha. I'm not really good at realism, so this is a realism/anime hybrid done entirely in pen. Not the greatest, but I liked it enough to save it for so long I felt like sharing it. ^_^

art (c) Tab Moore
Louis and Schweetie 2015 by Schweetie
Louis and Schweetie 2015
I was reading through some old RPs today (instead of doing the numerous things I should have been doing) and I really wanted to draw Louis and Schweetie together. It's been forever since I drew them. It's been forever since I've spent so long on a drawing, too. Over 7 hours for this! >_< Way too much time.
There are lots of problems with this. Don't even get me started. Mainly the fact that Schweetie's boobs are too big, but we'll over look that for now. I am so rusty with coloring, and nearly ever coloring tool I have is either worn out or dried up. This turned out pretty good considering. And it's got Louis's seal of approval, so I'm happy. ^_^

Louis (c) Neashell Newman 
Schweetie (c) Tab Moore


Schweetie's Profile Picture
United States
Hi, I'm Tabby. I draw whatever I feel like, which is usually a cutie named Schweetie who is co-ruler of Purgatory. I also do stuff with construction paper (don't ask), paint, and occasionally write short stories. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, so right now I'm pretending to be a normal member of society. I don't do commissions (because I'm lazy), but I occasionally take requests. If you like what you see on my page, please comment. ^_^

Soooo... I really want an anime tattoo. I kinda have one already if you count my wings, but I want something more obviously Otaku. I want a Sailor Moon tattoo. But not just any Sailor Moon tattoo. I want it to look like the Sailor Moon universe threw up on me. Not just one character, but an awesome artsy hodgepodge of Sailor Moony-ness that just screams "OMG, she's an Otaku." ^_^ I want either a partial sleeve or a chest piece. This is something I've been thinking about for a long time. Sailor Moon is what first drove me down my path to Otaku-hood, and even all these years later, it's still one of my favorite animes.

Thoughts? Comments? Inspiring ink of your own? Suggestions? 

I need some feedback.

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Heya, thanks for the watch! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters of M2M :)
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I can't wait! I'm re-reading it now! XD
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You need to be on here more. I miss you! =(
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